Experience & Bio:

  • Certified ThetaHealer with training in Basic and Advanced DNA, Intuitive Anatomy, Manifesting Abundance and Soul Mates.
  • Completed Reiki levels One, Two and Advanced.
  • Received training in Shamanic Healing from the Foundation for Shamanic Studies, including Basic Workshop - Way of the Shaman and Depossession.
  • Trained in Crystal Therapy and Chakra Balancing.
  • Bachelor of Science in Secondary Education and have taught for 20 years.
  • I use all my talents when healing and teaching and I seek to empower my clients & students to heal both themselves and others.

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January 2, 2018

How to Identify Your Priorities in the New Year

As we begin this new year, it can be beneficial to focus on our priorities, but often it’s hard to recognize what those are.  We focus […]
December 28, 2017

Releasing 2017 and Setting Intentions for 2018

Wow!  This year has certainly been interesting. This has been a year of change and planting seeds.  It’s easy to overlook that fact that beginnings can be […]
November 18, 2017
pen in hand writing

The Test

I found out about an opportunity to take a test.  There’s a fee but if you pass, you receive a certification.  It would help me in […]
November 15, 2017
Sun Rising Energy Healing logo on ocean background

November 2017 Newsletter

Hello All! Wow! It’s been an exciting year. Lots of shifts and changes.  And the high energy continues.  We’ve been moving into a new earth energy […]
July 16, 2017
long distance view of Mount Shasta

Phone Sessions and Long-Distance Healing

Long-distance healing sessions can be intimidating.  It seems like it would be less effective if the practitioner and client aren’t in the same room.  Does distance […]
February 26, 2017

Energy Healing in the New Vibration

Students often ask what forms of healing I teach in Energy Healing Training. The answer is always “It depends on the needs of the students”.  That […]


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  • Barbara Toney is down-to-earth, very knowledgeable & easy to talk to. I’ve attended her manifesting class, done one-on-one training and had healing sessions with her. I’ve been reading about different world views and approaches to manifestation and healing (Abraham-Hicks, theta, Busting Loose, the Circle, North Star, intuition), to the point where I've been confused—Barb has helped me get perspective, recognize & understand my abilities (and learn a healing process I’d read about in books but didn’t understand). She's been showing me how to own what I know, and not be too jacked up about what I don’t know. I can wholeheartedly recommend Barbara & Sun Rising.
    -Maureen, Spring Hill
  • Barbara is an amazing healer! She is able to get to the source of my discomfort and work with me to heal any traumas, as well as assist in clearing blocks. I have reaped the benefits of our sessions together. If I feel “stuck”, Barbara helps me break through and clear my path. I am very grateful for her! -Laura, Orlando
    -Laura, Orlando
  • I've been to many different healers in my day. Barbara Toney is one of the best. I still seek her help sometimes, but she has taught me how to do a lot for myself. She does teach her clients some stuff, not just her students. I highly recommend her.
    Ed A, Spring Hill
  • Barbara is an absolutely amazing teacher. She guides with such caring and honesty and has been an incredible mentor.
    Shari D, Orlando
  • I've been seeking Barbara's services for about two years now and she is absolutely amazing. She teaches with a very aware thoughtfulness and you will always walk away learning something new and useful. Her healing sessions are so transforming and magical. I highly recommend her!
    Connie S, Orlando
  • Barbara is wonderful. Compassionate and talented. I recommend her highly.
    Heather M, Orlando
  • I went to Barbara because I was really struggling with a particularly difficult coworker. Barbara began to ask questions about my childhood and family members. I was shocked and even a little angry when Barbara suggested my real issue was with a particularly difficult relationship with a family member of mine growing up. Barbara worked with me to find forgiveness for that family member through a series of actions and energy tools provided by her. I left Barbara feeling willing but doubtful. Well, a week later I had a level of forgiveness for my family member that I had never dreamed was possible AND the problem coworker QUIT that day!! I ran back to Barbara because I was grateful the coworker was leaving but it just seemed too much too soon & I was having a hard time understanding what had happened. She happily informed me that because I had changed the energy in my relationship with my family member I no longer needed the coworker to help me work on that "life lesson". Barbara has helped me in many other ways as well. Go to her with a willing attitude and make sure your seatbelt is fastened because you're in for some rapid (awesome) change!
    Jami C, Orlando
  • Thanks Sun Rising Energy Healing for assisting in clearing 2016 to allow transformation in 2017. After our session was over, I went home, lit the candle she prepared & spent the rest of the evening in reflection on past, present & future. If real progress in your life is what you seek, Barbara has an AMAZING gift in looking at the BIG picture. Much appreciation for the real eye-opening experience...Happy New Year!
    Kathryn M, Orlando
  • Barbara is awesome, a huge spiritual support in my life! Always helps me find clarity!
    Lisa T, Winter Park
  • When I call Barbara, I feel like I need to heal or release something. I feel like I can talk to her about anything that is bothering me with complete trust. Through a process of talking she is able to zoom in on the root cause and at that point I need to decide and let her--I am going to release with her help and guidance the cause of my pain whether physical, mental, or emotional. Barbara has an amazing gift of healing. Sometimes the release comes with tears or the knot in your stomach is gone and you just know it healed.
    Adrienne, Altamonte Springs
  • Barbara is an extraordinary intuitive healer and teacher. She has been a major catalyst in my healing journey for a few years now. I remember my first reading/healing being one of my happiest days. I felt so free and light because she released me from vows and contracts that have been hurting me for lifetimes. I continue to have regular sessions with Barbara because she helps me identify and release any blocks, past trauma and anything else that no longer serves me. She amazingly clairvoyant and effective.
    With Aloha, Vicky from Maui
  • Leave all your baggage at the door! This healing session will get rid of any vibrations that are holding you back. With the use of crystals and her super spot-on intuition, Barbara will heal you of any past life, cord, and chakra damage. She will release any energy that no longer serves you and replace it with clear, positive, uplifting energy. You will feel like a new person after the session, and the vibrations will continue to heal you long into the future. Feeling joyful, balanced, and full of light and universal love!
    Savannah, Asheville


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