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February 10, 2017

Developing Your Psychic Ability

That title is kind of a lie. You really don’t develop your psychic or intuitive abilities as much as you uncover them.

We are all getting messages all the time, but we’ve been taught to ignore them until we don’t hear them anymore. So it’s really a matter of removing barriers rather than becoming more psychic.

One of the biggest blocks to developing your intuitive abilities and psychic awareness is the fear of being wrong and making mistakes. The information coming in often doesn’t look like knowledge coming from outside us. It just seems like a random thought, or “just my imagination.” It’s usually the small voice that pushes you in a particular direction. But we’re so afraid of being wrong that we ignore or overthink it. Thinking is a wonderful thing but so is trusting.

But it can be terrifying to base major decisions on gut feelings.

That’s some varsity level intuition. A less high stakes way of doing this is to ask questions when the outcome doesn’t matter. “Which way should I take to work?” “Which bathroom stall should I choose?” “What’s a great color for me to wear today?” When the answers don’t really matter it’s easier for us to listen to them. Practicing when the stakes are low creates the habit of hearing and trusting that intuition more when it does matter.

And that is how you truly develop or truly uncover your psychic abilities.

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