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February 10, 2017
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Phone Sessions and Long-Distance Healing
July 16, 2017

Energy Healing in the New Vibration

Students often ask what forms of healing I teach in Energy Healing Training.

The answer is always “It depends on the needs of the students”.  That sounds way better than “I don’t have the faintest idea”. In my practice, I never know what’s going to come up. I trained in several different healing modalities. The most valuable part of my education has been to show me what can be done and to give me the confidence to do it.

Learning specific healing modalities can support your practice. But in the last few years the vibration of the planet has risen enough that so many things are possible that weren’t previously. In my class Beyond Psychic Protection, I teach students with no previous experience to clear the energy in a room, around themselves, and in their home, long distance without tools in the first class. That wouldn’t have been possible just a few years ago.

So much more is achievable.

Sometimes by training in one modality you can be locked into limited thinking about what you can do. In most healing sessions, I’m surprised by what comes up and what I’m told do for a client, methods it never occurred to me to try.  For that reason, I teach Energy Healing Training with no set curriculum. Whatever the students have questions about is what we discuss and the challenges they bring in decide what we practice. Students receive the training that is in their best and highest good. I never know where the class is going to go and what we will learn but it is always exactly what is needed

As healers, we are called more and more to be generalist. To be open to whatever situation arises. That’s we my energy healing training doesn’t have a set curriculum. We deal with the issues as they arise. I empower my students to continue to learn by listening.  They discover that in healing, anything is possible.


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