Releasing 2017 and Setting Intentions for 2018
December 28, 2017

How to Identify Your Priorities in the New Year

As we begin this new year, it can be beneficial to focus on our priorities, but often it’s hard to recognize what those are.  We focus on what others tell us are important without making sure that they are right for us.

One strategy for getting clear about your priorities is to look at your fears.  We have evolved to be a species of problem finders.  The humans who noticed the predator in the peaceful savannah survived.  Most of you reading this live in a world where it is now safe to focus on the sunset instead of looking for the teeth and claws.  But that problem-finding focus is still with us.  Releasing that habit is the subject for another day.  For now, we can use it to assist us.  To do this make a fear list.  Don’t get caught up in the Law of Attraction idea that if you focus on it, you’ll bring it into your life.  You’re focusing on it to heal and release it, something the Law of Attraction doesn’t always address.

I find that handwriting this type of work facilitates access to true emotions and intuition, so I recommend using pen and paper.

  1. Create a two-column list.
  2. Label the left column Fears.
  3. Label the right column Loves.
  4. Start listing your fears. They can be anything from real world fears to existential crises.   Now you’ve got this great big depressing list of fears.  Don’t be discouraged by the size of it.  Many of your fears are going to be related.  Mine was rather long and I actively deal with my fears on a regular basis.  If yours is a short list that’s fine too.  A few big fears can be as instructive as many small ones.
  5. Look at your first fear. What would you lose if that fear came to pass.  For example, one of my fears is committing to the wrong thing.  Like many of my fears, it’s related to losing my freedom.  Having freedom and faith to make spontaneous decisions is incredibly important to me.  I love being able to honor myself by being in the moment and choosing for me.  That’s a huge priority.
  6. Write down what you feared losing in the Love column. In my example I wrote Freedom.  That also encompasses my love for flexibility and spontaneity.
  7. Continue with the rest of the fears. You may find many repeats in the Love column.  Those are probably your highest priorities.
  8. Spend some time focusing on your Love list. Acknowledge and appreciate how important these things are to you.
  9. Set the intention to release the fears. Their only job was to tell you what you love, and you don’t need them anymore.  If your doing this while the moon is waning, the period from the full moon to the new moon, ask the moon to help you release the fears.  In January 2018, the moon is waning until the new moon on the 16th.

Now you have this wonderful list of things you love.  Take them into account when making decisions and make them a priority in your life this year.  Even just recognizing them, will draw them to you.

Happy New Year!

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