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February 26, 2017
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November 15, 2017

Phone Sessions and Long-Distance Healing

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Long-distance healing sessions can be intimidating.  It seems like it would be less effective if the practitioner and client aren’t in the same room.  Does distance dilute the effect?  Not really.  Energy doesn’t care about space.  Rules of the physical world don’t apply.

In a session, I’m getting information from the client’s higher self as well as my own.  Neither of which is physically present.

Even the energy I read off the clients themselves is unaffected by distance. I work hands off.  If we can receive and and send energy across a four-foot space, why not over miles?  Many clients have never been in the same room as me. All our work has been long distance.

Then there are the time issues.  I do a great bit of work in the client’s past.  We look at their history and find the earliest occurrence of the challenge, sometimes going back to before they were born here.  Just as time isn’t a barrier, neither is space.

Phone sessions can be more relaxing for the clients.  Pajamas are an option.  As wonderful as my office is, it’s no comparison to your favorite place.  I feel like the client is more open over the phone.  That’s an important element to a successful session.  And as a practitioner, I’m not distracted by their facial expressions or body language.  I’m more focused on the energy.

No traffic to deal with also equals way less stress.

In-person sessions can be wonderful.  However, phone sessions can be a very effective means to facilitate powerful healing. Consider scheduling a phone session next time you need work.

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