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November 2017 Newsletter
November 15, 2017
Releasing 2017 and Setting Intentions for 2018
December 28, 2017

The Test

pen in hand writing

I found out about an opportunity to take a test.  There’s a fee but if you pass, you receive a certification.  It would help me in my work, but I don’t need to have it.  If I fail, the only consequences are spent money and time.  Essay format but I’ve always excelled at those.  It seems like a good risk.  Moderate expenditure, high reward, little effort.  Piece of cake.

Starting the test, all is well.  The room is crowded but I have a good seat, second row.  Yes, I am that student.

As I’m writing, the girl next to me starts talking to herself.  At first, I ignore her while silently judging.  Attention is what she’s looking for and her behavior escalates, getting louder and in my space until she’s writing at my desk!  The healer in me can see she’s in pain, but dammit, this is my test.  I don’t have time to stop and assist her.

So, I loudly and indignantly get up to move seats, becoming a temporary disruption, myself.  The area I move to is more crowded and has no desks but at least I’m away from the annoying girl.  I sit on the floor and write.  The boy next to me starts talking as well.  He’s young and isn’t even here for the test.  He’s waiting for his sister.  Fuck.  This is worse.  At least there were test proctors in the other room.  He’s getting angry because I asked him to be quiet.  He doesn’t care that this certification will help me professionally or that I’ve paid money to be here.

I finally realize I’m not going to be able to take my test, so I stop writing and go into healer mode.  There are ways to make healing available to someone without violating their free will.  I direct love and healing to come down from Source surrounding each of them.  They can ignore it or take it up.  They both choose to receive and calm down.

Finally I can write.

This essay.

This is my test.

Those are the last words I hear as I wake up from my dream, “this is my test”.

We do a massive amount of work and learning while we sleep, for others and ourselves.  I’m familiar with that particular lesson.  No matter how many times we walk away, we will continue to create ever worsening situations until we stop and deal with them.  It may look more challenging but it’s still the same lesson.  And the same test.

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