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January 16, 2017
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Without Love…

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Everything we do, every action we take is, at least in part, a complicated Ponzi scheme to receive love. 

 We lose weight so someone will be attracted to us.  That better job feels like approval.  Friends appreciate us if we help them more.  These are all gateways to love.  There are other, wonderful reasons to do those things, but the need for love is a factor. 

 In much of my work,  I help clients to see that they’re worthy of love and able to receive it.  Not just romantic love, but that all-encompassing, total feeling of being seen and appreciated just as you are.

 Everything boils down to that. 

 We might reject this idea because acknowledging how much we want it can make it hurt more when we think that we don’t have it.  Rejection and abandonment, when it seems that the Universe is showing us we don’t deserve love, hurt the most.

 When we feel unworthy it doesn’t matter how much others give us. It’s never enough. What we’re truly looking for is the feeling that the Divine loves us. Deep inside, that’s what we’re looking for.

 People who seem to do evil just for the sake of evil often believe that they are so unworthy of love that they might as well be the best at being the worst.  They base their actions on the pain of that unworthiness.  They were hurt so they retaliate by causing others pain.  This doesn’t excuse their actions but does offer some interesting ideas about what “love your enemy” might mean.  You can ask that they be sent divine love, even if you, yourself are not feeling it for them.

 While you’re at it, ask for some divine love for yourself.

We all need food, water, clothing, and shelter. However, we often act to receive love or protect ourselves from the pain of not having it.  Without love, nothing is enough.  With it nothing else is necessary.

 Except soup. Love and soup.

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